Teaching Excellence Awards

The Massey Teaching Excellence Award recognises the sustained commitment to teaching and learning. The recipients strive to enhance learning through a student-centred, enquiry based approach.

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence

Christina Severinsen Web

    Dr Christina Severinsen

Dr Christina Severinsen makes a point of taking innovation to her teaching, and seeks out ways to make meaningful connections with her students. Her Colleagues describe her as a leader of positive change who is generous with her time and expertise, and deeply committed to her students' learning and success. Dr Severinsen's commitment to being Tiriti-led is a key feature of her practice - understanding and acknowledging student diversity creates a welcoming and caring learning environment in which students thrive.

100- Level Statistics Team 2

(Professor Geoff Jones, Dr Katharina Parry, Dr Debbie Leader, Dr Jonathan Marshall, Anne Lawrence)

100- Level Statistics Team

The 100- Level Statistics Team epitomise enthusiasm, care and warmth, and embrace diversity. The team have worked hard to create a learning environment that acknowledges Māori and Pasifika student needs, caters to students with learning and physical disabilities, and promotes and supports female student participation in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. Reducing the barriers to learning is a key feature of the 100- level Statistics Team's practice. They have put the learner at the centre, and designed an experience where students can make meaningful connections with the content, one another and the team.

Geography Team web

(Dr Alistair Clement,Professor Ian Fuller, Dr Sam McColl, Dr Katherine Holt)

Physical Geography Team

The Physical Geography Team are a cohesive and innovative  team of educators who work to maximize students' potential for learning.As a team they have constructively aligned their individual courses to provide a clear and cogent pathway for students from 100-level through to 300-level and on to postgraduate study.In their drive to ensure they are producing work-ready graduates, the Physical Geography Team masterfully integrate theory with conceptual understanding, practical and relevant learning activities, and stakeholder engagement. Respecting student input has lead to consistently high satisfaction rates and students who are engaged, inspired and empowered to take on the challenges of environmental change

Ella Kahu Web

Dr Ella Kahu

Dr Kahu's contribution to research on distance student engagement is internationally recognised. She is a supremely accomplished teacher who is leading in pedagogical approaches to distance cohorts and is literally writing the textbook for critical pathways to engagement. Not satisfied with just contributing to the body of  knowledge in this area Dr Kahu expertly uses her research to improve her students' learning experience. Described as consistently generous with her tim, her energy, her advice, her support, her expertise and her emotions, Dr Kahu cares deeply for, and is dedicated to her students.

Carolyn Gates Web

Dr Carolyn Gates

Dr Carolyn Gates is steadfast in her belief that learning is best supported when students are guided to make real life connections with the subject matter . Her willingness to go above and beyond has had a profoundly positive impact on student learning and achievement. This is illustrated in the substantial number of personal hours Dr Gates has dedicated to establishing and running a de-sexing clinic. Her key success is best described by one of Dr Gates' colleagues "... she has developed a unique programme FOR students that is now run BY students... and has empowered many students to take part in teaching of their peers."

Eva Schrōer-Merker web

Eva Schrōer-Merker

Eva Schrōer-Merker's practice is defined by her committment to creating meaningful partnerships between students and staff as, in her words, "our bestintentions as trachers can sometimes miss the point if we do not consider the students' views". Eva Schrōer-Merker's dedication to and passion for creating an inclusive and safe learning environment revolves around being flexible and repsponsive to the students' learning needs. This is a testament to her willingness to provide a contemporary learning experience that is created in partnership with her stdents.

Previous winners

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence

Recipients of the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence

2016 | Associate Professor Margaret Brunton

2015 | Dr Trisia Farrelly, Associate Professor Ian Fuller and Dr Alison Sewell

2014 | Dr Terry Macpherson, Helen Simmons, Paul Stock. Spanish language programme: Dr Leonel Alvarado, Dr Celina Bortolotto, Raquel Direnzo, Francisco Gonzalez and Cynthia Landa

2013 | Dr Jing Chi, Dr Thom Conroy, Associate Professor John Holland, Dr Damian Ruth

2012 | Dr Elizabeth Gray, Dr Zoe Jordens, Liz Norman and Amanda Yates

2011 | Dr Gina Salapata, Dr Nigel Parsons, Associate Professor Mark Henrickson, Dr Brennon Wood, Professor Tony Signal and Neil Ward

2010 | Dr Angie Farrow, Dr Bevan Catley, Dr Craig Pritchard, Dr Eva Heinrich, Dr Neville Honey and Lois Wilkinson

Teaching Support Award

Recipients of the Teaching Support Award

2016 | Martin McMorrow

2014 | Andrew Jamieson

2013 | Scott Symonds

Excellent Practice Award

Recipients of the Excellence Practice Award

2012 | Dr Ian Fuller, Antony Pelosi, Dr Damian Ruth and Dr Gabriele Schmidt-Adam

National Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence

Recipients of the National Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence

2013 | Dr Jing Chi

2012 | Dr Zoe Jordens and Liz Norman

2010 | Dr Angie Farrow

2009 | Dr Heather Kavan, Norman Meehan, Dr Adam Claasen and Sam Richardson

2008 | Dr Lisa Emerson and Dr Hamish Anderson

2007 | Dr Tracy Riley and Dr Bryan Walpert

2006 | Dr Juliana Mansvelt and Dr Mark Brown

2005 | Dr Regina Scheyvens

2004 | Dr Richard Shaw

2003 | Dr Terry Steward

2002 | Dr Tony Wright

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