Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change Conference

The fourth annual conference in the Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change series will be hosted by Massey University and Economic and Social Research Aotearoa (ESRA) in Auckland.

Venue: Sir Neil Walters Building, Massey University, Auckland  |  Dates & times: 10am, 6 September to 12.30pm, 8 September 2017

Ka whawhai tonu mātou: Beyond capitalism - beyond colonisation

As political, economic and ecological crises deepen so does the urgency of our need to find new ideas and new methods of organising.

What are the brightest ideas and models emerging from our activist work and from our research?

How do we affirm Te Tiriti o Waitangi while conceiving and working for a future beyond capitalism and colonisation?

How do we find new, effective ways of co-producing knowledge from across the academic-activist divide?

This conference builds on those of previous years. We seek to bring together a diverse range of activists and academics with two key goals:

  1. To deepen our understanding of each others knowledge, experience, methods and solutions.
  2. To identify new friends and allies and strengthen existing relationships in our shared work for a constitutionally, economically and ecologically transformed Aotearoa.

Presentations and speaking times

  • Speakers presenting individual papers at the conference will have 15 minutes each.
  • Panels and workshops will have 90 minutes.

Conference organisers are keen to discuss new and innovative forms of participation, that would enhance engagement between participants. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions.

Conference programme

Elements of the programme may differ from those previously communicated and the programme as a whole remains subject to change.

Wednesday, 6 September



9.00am Registrations open
10am Powhiri, followed by morning tea
10.45am Plenary
11am Keynote speakers: Moana Jackson and Mereana Pitman
30 minute Q&A to follow
1pm Lunch
2pm Concurrent streams A
3.30pm Afternoon tea
4pm Concurrent streams B
5.30pm Closing plenary
6pm Counterfutures: Left Thought and Practice - launch of issue 4
6.30pm Retire to The Ferg

Thursday, 7 September



9.00am Registrations open
9.30am Tea and coffee available
10am Plenary speakers: Tracey McIntosh and Juan Tauri
11am Morning tea
11.30 Concurrent streams C
2pm Concurrent streams D
3.30pm Afternoon tea
4pm Concurrent streams E
5.30pm Closing plenary
6pm Book launch: Shiloh Groot, Bridgette Masters-Awatere and Natasha Tassell-Matamua’s (2017) Precarity: Uncertain, insecure and unequal lives in Aotearoa New Zealand (Massey University Press)

Friday, 8 September



9.30am Tea and coffee
9.45am Plenary
10am Concurrent streams F
11.30am Closing plenary
12.30pm Poroporoaki


Concurrent streams

Concurrent stream A

2pm, Wednesday

Animal rights (Room: SNW 100)
  • Jasmijn de Boo: Making Your Agenda Their Agenda - veganism, animal advocacy and consumer change
  • Mary Murray: Which way for the animal advocacy movement? One of the social justice movements of our time
  • Paul Judge: Conscious in the Machine: Video Activism and Animal Rights
  • Jordan Wyatt: INVSOC: Creative Vegan Animal Rights Activism in Invercargill
Democracy and power (Room: SNW 200)
  • Lisa Woods: Reinventing democracy
  • Ian Anderson: New Zealand? Publics in Aotearoa/New Zealand General Election Discourse
  • Cameron Walker: The Terrorism Suppression Act 2002 and poetntial criminalisation of left movements
Colonisation - decolonisation (Room: SNW 300)
  • Jo Wrigley and Nicolina newcombe: Middle class Pākehā women talk about decolonisation
  • Tim Howard: Shall we sing the 'Internationale' in Aotearoa?
  • Sue Abel: Examining Whiteness, Decolonialisation and Te Tiriti
  • Jai Bentley-Payne: Beneath the Beyond: Proposing the Subject
Panel discussion: Making our rights real: putting the UNCRPD into Practive in NZ (Room: QB1)
  • Aine Kelly-Costello, Ezekiel Robson and Latoa Halatao
Panel discussion: Te Moananui a Kiwa: Navigating the Nuances and Implications of Colonisation (Room: QB3)
Workshop: Te Tiriti-based health practice (Room: QB6)
  • Maria Rameka, Claire Doole, Nicole Coupe and Heather Came

Concurrent stream B

4pm, Wednesday

Organisatinal practices (Room: SNW 100)
  • Andrea Bates and Gary Platz: A Word on Madness
  • Jo Hendren: Impact of the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) in the debate over the Bluff aluminium smelter
  • Richard Hill: Corporate-funded think tanks
  • Alistair Russell and Vanessa Code: We talk politics here!
Lifestyle activism (Room: SNW 200)
  • Barry McLernon: Potential Alternatives - counter - narratives to consumer culture within the ecovillages of Aotearoa
  • Corrina Tucker: Green lifestyles, social movements and politics
  • Jennie Watts: Lifestyle movement activism and the New Zealand foodie
Transforming economy (Room: SNW 300)
  • Gareth Seymour: Raupatu Tuarua: The imposition of the Fiscal Envelope on Māori and why we're worse off after 20 years
  • Deirdre Kent: Reversing the violations of the economic institutions of colonisation
  • Matthew Sorola and Matthew Scobie: Accounting for Progressive Social Change: A review of developments in Critical Accounting
  • Campbell Jones: The planned economy
Workshop: West Papua - Emerging Solidarity and Resistance in Aotearoa (Room: QB1)
  • Oceania Interrupted
Workshop: White Privilege - Access Acknowledge and Solidarity (Room: QB3)
Workshop: Tangata Tiriti: Immigration and Settler Colonialism (Room: QB6)

Concurrent stream C

11.30am, Thursday

Organisation and resistance (Room: QB8)
  • Danielle Davies and Ross Teppett: Mapping Subaltern Discourse: an Historical Analysis of Communicating Union Values
  • Jane Parker and Ozan nadir Alakavuklar: Social movement unionism: where to from here?
  • Catherine Cumming: Finance and Colonisation in Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • James Roberts: Politics organisation and economic planning
Activist academy (Room: SNW 100)
  • Alice Beban: Encountering land conflict in Cambodia
  • Marcelle Dawson: Against the neoliberal, neocolonial university
  • Kalym Lipsey and Adele Norris: Racism and Mass Incarceration
Democracy and power (Room: SNW 200)
  • Ben Rosamond: Countersovereignty: Moving Beyond the Sovereign Concept of Power
  • Joseph Llewellyn: Listen, Leftist! Violence is not Revolutionary
  • Daphne Lawless: Conservative Leftism: Danger! Dead End!
Panel discussion: Unfolding tensions within the social order of iwi (Room: SNW 300)
  • Jason Paul Mika, Graham Hingangaroa Smith, Annmarie Gillies and Fiona Wiremu
Affect and capitalism (Room: QB1)
  • Justine Sachs and Rachel Co: In Defence of Love: Understanding the Role of Capitalism in Modern Romantic Relations
  • Anne Russell: The ideological nature of love and intimacy
  • Karen Nairn: 'Hope' in a time distinguished by 'end of the world' narratives
  • Sophie Bond, Amanda Thomas, gradon Diprose and Jule Barth: the violence of (in)action: communities, climate and business-as-usual
Media activism (Room: QB6)
  • Jenny Rankine: Relevance of a project against online racism about Māori to other social justice sturggles in Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • Lincoln Dahlberg: Social Media Activism: A case study and discussion of strategies and possibilities (a)
  • Murdoch Stevens: Social Media Activism: A case study and discussion of strategies and possibilities (b)
Workshop: Indigenising Climate Action (Room: QB7)

Concurrent stream D

2pm, Thursday

Organisational practices (Room: SNW 100)
  • Ti Lamusse: Building a prison abolitionist movement with everything we’ve got
  • Chau Doan-Bao: Catalyst model in the participatory process for social movements
  • David Tolich: Work Trusts and Cooperatives
Income (Room: SNW 200)
  • Bill Rosenberg: A brief history of labour's share of income in New Zealand 1939-2016
  • Iain Middleton:: Basic Income Calculator
  • Lowell Manning and Michael Kane: Assessing the impact of basic income on society
  • Annie Newman and Catriona MacLennan: Living Wage Movement
Colonisation - decolonisation (Room: SNW 300)
  • Alex McConville: ‘Defrosting the Deep Freeze’ and Other Untold Anzac Day Stories: A Case-Based Exploration into Banal Counter-Hegemony.
  • Fiona Te Momo:: What is Tiriti- centred biculturalism to Hapū?
  • Tamsin Hanly: Treaty and histories curriculum in NZ schools
Panel discussion: Whose kaupapa for a climate justice coalition? (Room: QB1)
Workshop: Brown Girls Speak: On Decolonising the Ivory Tower (Room: QB6)
  • Anisha Sankar, Kassie Hartendorp and Gaayathri Nair
Panel discussion: Beyond customary land as a barrier to economic development: understanding 'bisnis' on customary land in the Pacific (Room: QB7)
  • Regina Scheyvens, Glenn Banks, Suliasi Vunibola, Hennah Steven, Jenny Bryant-Tokalau

Concurrent stream E

4pm, Thursday

Animal rights (Room: SNW 100)
  • Ursela Edgington: Compassionate Conservation for Positive Social Change
  • Lynley Tulloch: Starfish Bobbycalf: Anti-dairy activism
  • Clyde Graf: The Graf Boys
  • Lynn Charlton: Anti Rodeo Action NZ
Social change at work (Room: SNW 200)
  • Peter Howland: It’s capitalism Jim... but not as we do it.
  • Victoria Thompson: Young people's attitudes to civic engagement and gender equality amidst the changing nature of work
  • Sandy Lee: Starting Small: Diversity Policies, Acts of Resistance and Social Change within the Workplace
Panel discussion: Researching poverty to make a difference: Rediscovering the scholar activist tradition in psychology (Room: SNW 300)
  • Clifford van Ommen, Mohi Rua, Darrin Hodgetts and Rebekah Graham
Workshop: Rebuilding the Kāinga as the Primary Social and Economic Unit (Room: QB8)
  • Jade Kake
Colonisation - decolonisation (Room: SNW 200)
  • Juan Marcellus Tauri and Paora Moyle: Indigenous Peoples and the Mystification of Family Group Conferencing
  • Rebecca Kiddle etal: Imagining the decolonised city in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Shane Malva: Indigenous knowledge, continental philosophy and the political Real
Creative social change (Room: QB7)
  • Makanaka Tuwe: Kora - The Third Culture Research Project
  • Ralph Bathurst: Tonalities of Rebellion
  • Rand Hazou: Theatre in Prison: Paremoremo, Resistance and Social Change

Concurrent stream F

10am, Friday

Sites of struggle (Room: SNW 100)
  • Kristen Lyons: "We are the people from that land". The Indigenous Rights Struggle to Stop Australia's Largest Proposed Coal Mine
  • Katarina Gray-Sharp: Heteronomy
  • John Carberry: Who counts: Indigenous demography and the conceptualisation of Mōari health
  • Omar Nazir: Modern Slavery: Exploring conditions of exploitation in brick kilns of India
Panel discussion: What is to be done? A panel on alternatives to prison (Room: SNW 200)
  • People Against Prisons Aotearoa: Ti Lamusse, Emilie Rākete, Huriana Kopeke-Te Aho and Ary Jansen
Panel discussion: Constitutional Transformation in Aotearoa – the Matike Mai project (Room: SNW 300)
  • Veronica MH Tawhai; Karena Karauria plus other rangatahi; Kohukohurangi Isaac-Sharland plus other rangatahi; Mereana Pitman
Workshop: Agency and Accountability: Violence and Abuse on the Left (Room: QB5)
Panel discussion: A post-capitalist politics of care and activism (Room: QB6)
  • Community Economies Research Network (CERN) and Community Economies Collective (CEC): Kelly Dombroski, Gradon Diprose, Emma Sharp and Joanne Waitoa-Hall
Panel discussion: Identity politics and class politics (Room: QB7)
  • Bryce Edwards, John Moore, Bill Logan and Justice Sachs

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Call for papers

Papers will be accepted until Friday, 14 July 2017.

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Conference organising collective

  • Fiona Te Momo
  • Helen Potter
  • Margaret Kawharu
  • Messina Shaw
  • Ozan Alakavuklar
  • Shannon Walsh
  • Warwick Tie (convenor)

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