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Admiral Manganda

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School of Management
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
The 21st century indigenous entrepreneur dilemma : To preserve cultural identity and practices or to innovate and adapt to modernism?

Research Description
Indigenous entrepreneurship is relatively young as a field of research and academics are active in proposing new theories that may help to understand observed phenomena that mainstream western theories fail to explain. This project seeks to explore the experiences of indigenous entrepreneurs in determining their preferred mix of culture and modernity in their businesses. The study will look at the factors that determine an appropriate mix of tradition and modernity in indigenous entrepreneurship against a backdrop of modern innovation and norms. The study will be structured into 20 interviews of 10 indigenous business owners in Australia and 10 in New Zealand followed by a survey of a sample of the total population of indigenous business owners in both countries. These 20 indigenous business owners will be in the context of two tribal groups from both countries to enable a cross-cultural comparative study which may assist in broadening understanding of indigenous entrepreneur experiences across different nations. The findings will contribute to literature on indigenous entrepreneurship and may be useful in industry applications.

Research Importance
The research is important in that it helps to provide assistance to indigenous entrepreneurs with an idea of the experiences they face where culture and modern business practices intersect.

Research Benefit
It is hoped that the research will benefit indigenous entrepreneurs, policy makers and business support agencies.

Personal Description
I was born in Zimbabwe and have settled in New Zealand for 15 years. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and felt that Massey would best suit my needs if I were to pursue this area in postgraduate study. I would like to work in both academia and industry to bring the theoretical knowledge into practice.

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