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Known issues

A list of issues known to be affecting the wireless service or services that run via the wireless networks e.g. Internet access can be found at Known issues.


What you'll need

What you will need to connect to the Wireless Networks at Massey University.


Available networks

List of Wireless Networks which can be connected to whilst at Massey University.


Forget a network

Need to forget a Massey wifi network?



Mac OS

Windows 10


Configuration Guides

How do I connect to the Available Wireless Networks whilst at Massey University?

What you'll need


Most laptop computers purchased today come with wireless networking installed.

  • In order to access the University's Wireless Network Service, equipment must comply with either: IEEE 802.11a, 11b or 11g (Wi-Fi) standards.
  • Computers with a 'wireless network' or 'wireless LAN' connection generally support one of the Wi-Fi standards.
  • Apple laptops with inbuilt 'AirPort' adapters are Wi-Fi capable.
  • 'Bluetooth' equipment cannot be used to connect to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Wireless adaptors is enabled and disabled by an external button or switch, labelled with the wireless icon: wireless_bw.gif .

For equipment not already fitted with a wireless adapter two options exist:

  1. Fit an internal adaptor, if available. Some laptops are 'wireless-ready' and only need a small module fitted (that utilises an existing internal antenna) in order to become wireless capable.

    Note: this is the desired option as it means equipment can be operated further from a Wireless Access Point (WAP) and achieve higher connection speeds.

  2. Fit an external adapter. This is usually a card that goes in the PCMCIA or Cardbus slot on the laptop. Suitable adapters are available from a number of manufacturers. Some operating systems also support USB wireless network adapters.


  • Setup information and support is available for: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher and Apple OS X 10.6 or higher
  • No additional software is required to connect to the Massey wireless networks.
  • Other Operating Systems (that support the software and encryption standard) can be used — but may require additional software in order to do so.


  • The Massey University Wireless Network uses encryption to ensure the privacy of communication.
  • This means Wireless Network Adapters must support the 'WiFi Protected Access' (WPA) standard.
  • Some older wireless adaptors may only support the earlier 'WEP' standard. Often these adapters will support WPA with a driver upgrade.

Wireless networks


MU Staff

Staff on Massey-owned equipment use this service.

  • Users login with a valid personal staff usercode (for example: 'neperson') and password.
  • Wireless computer/device must be registered on the Massey network and have an IT number (e.g IT012345). In general, if your computer/device has an IT number, this is already done.


MU Students

All students use this service.

  • Users login with a valid Student ID (for example: '06123456') and password.
  • Wireless equipment does not need to be registered on the Massey network.


MU Staff Private Equipment

Staff on non-Massey equipment use this service.

  • Users login with a valid personal staff usercode (for example: 'neperson') and password.
  • Wireless equipment does not need to be registered on the Massey network

Note: Staff using non-domain devices such as linux laptop, smartphone or tablet will need to set their username credentials within the devices proxy settings. The username supplied will need to be 'massey\usercode' - e.g massey\neperson


MU Events

Staff, Students and visitors using any equipment with wireless capability - note there are limitations:

  • Enabled on specific Access Points for the duration of specific events
  • A passphrase is provided to the Massey sponsor who then provides the passphrase to relevant event participants.

The wireless networks above are provided for staff and students. Note: MUEvents is a wireless network which is specifically setup for conferences and events being held at Massey University.

Automatic Wireless Configuration Setup

Alternatively, you may download and extract the Automatic Configuration Setup program to prepare your computer to connect to the wireless networks at Massey University. This can only be used with Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista. (2,845 KB)

Configuration Guides

Click on the appropriate link below to download instructions for connecting to the wireless network.

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Phone 06-356-9099 ext. 82111 (preferred method)

7:45am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
(excluding Public and University holidays)

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