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Get the most out of career events

Many career events are a great way for you to connect with potential employers. Not only that, when you're well prepared for engaging with an employer, you'll be more likely to stand out to them and to be remembered. Here are some tips on why it's important to participate in career events and what to think about before, during and after you do so.

You can access details of on-campus and on-line events via the 'Events' tab on Massey CareerHub.

Benefits of participating in career events

You'll benefit most when you:

  • take advantage of any chances to meet employers (face to face or on-line) and when you've practiced ahead of time to make a good impression.
  • participate with the aim of learning more about what employers have to offer and what they're looking for. Ask about all the things you can't find out from their website.
  • explore what roles of interest to you actually involve. Find out if it's really what you are interested in.

Before participating in a career event

Before you participate, do your research.  Will employers be attending? If so, which one(s)? Who are you most keen to engage with?

Update and print your CV so you can refer to it or provide it to an employer if the opportunity presents.

Think about the information you want to find out. If your engaging face-to-face or on camera, dress sensibly - ditch the jandals and singlet and wear something more smart casual. Prepare an introduction to make a good impression. It might sound something like this:

"Hi. I'm Neve Anderson, a final year BBus student majoring in Human Resources. I see from your website that you take on students from all disciplines. I would really like to know more about which areas of your organisation I could apply my studies."

At career events

  • Make a good impression 
    Speak clearly and confidently, offer a handshake if meeting in person and make eye contact. Leave the chewing gum, and the four letter words at the door to ensure that you are remembered for the right reasons.
  • Grab contact details of anyone you've talked with
    This will help you remember their name. You may well meet them again for an interview further down the track. Introducing yourself using their name makes a great impression.
  • Ask for copies of graduate programme flyers and useful organisational information (e.g. annual reports). These are great for helping to complete your application and prepare for interviews.
  • Keep an open mind about employers you don’t know much about
    Find out what they have to offer. You might be surprised.
  • Make brief notes of key information you learn about each employer
    This will make it easier to remember things when you come to apply for jobs.

After the event

  • Review your notes and summarise what you learnt and what your next steps will be.
  • If you have any further questions, follow up with the people with whom you talked by email.
  • Find out more about the employers you're most interested in from their website, annual reports or the media.
  • Act on your new found knowledge when you apply for summer internships and graduate jobs.

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